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Advisor Match Let’s Make This Personal

Providing you with the best experience starts by providing you with the best tax advisor. Advisor Match assesses the factors that make your taxes unique – things like your work, your income, and your deductions. Based on the results, it then pairs you with tax advisors who have specialized expertise in your unique tax situation.

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Get the tax expertise and savings you deserve with Block Advisors.

It starts with Advisor Match

Simply answer a few questions and Advisor Match provides you with a personal tax specialist with the right knowledge and experience for your individual tax scenario.

We create a plan that’s personalized for you

Before your visit, we’ll help you with the document collection process to make the most of your time with us. And before you leave, we’ll create a customized 365 Tax Plan that includes recommendations to help you reach your financial goalsDisclaimer number2. Scroll to bottom of page..

Your appointment is completely private

Your taxes are your business. That’s why your appointment will take place in the privacy of your tax advisor’s office. It’s the type of experience you’d expect from a tax specialist.

This promotion runs from March 1, 2018 through March 25, 2018. You can save on tax preparation by taking advantage of this Block Advisors discount.

You’ll receive the highest level of tax expertise from Block Advisors and a guaranteed accurate return, while getting a substantial tax preparation discount.

You must bring your tax preparation receipt from last year to be eligible for this Block Advisors discount. A credit card receipt or statement is not sufficient – you must have last year’s tax preparation receipt.

Anyone with a tax preparation receipt from filing last year’s tax return with another company (either in office or online) is eligible for this Block Advisors discount. Subject to $125 minimum charge.

Yes. If you filed both return types last year, we are happy to offer the promotional price for both.

Yes. This Block Advisors discount is applied to the total tax preparation fee, including a combined federal and state return or a federal return only. Local and state only returns are not eligible.

Get 50% off when you switch to Block Advisors