Small Business Tax Preparation Services in Champlin, MN

Champlin Marketplace
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Small business services for you.

Our certified small business tax pros at Champlin Marketplace Champlin, MN can help with all of your small business tax preparation needs and more. No matter your situation, Block Advisors, a part of H&R Block, is here for you. Schedule an appointment today.

  • Tax Payer ID (ITIN)
  • Prepare Taxes
  • Business Tax
  • Payroll Services
  • Bookkeeping

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The MyBlock app seamlessly allows you to track your return, see personalized tax tips, receive updates on tax law changes, and more.


Take bookkeeping off your plate

Full-service offerings include a dedicated account manager to take care of all paperwork on your behalf, monthly reconciliation delivered to your inbox, and tax-ready books sent to your tax pro with 100% accuracy guaranteed. Schedule a free consultation to understand which services work best for your business.


Form your business with ease

Form your business with Block Advisors and you could access advantages like potential tax savings, limited liability protection, and reducing the stress of filing the paperwork yourself.

Year-round small business expertise

Small business certified

Our tax pros receive specialized training for business tax preparation.

Save up to 30% on services

You could save up to 30% when you work with us instead of a typical accountant or CPA.

100% accuracy guaranteed

Rest easy knowing your taxes, bookkeeping, and payroll will always be 100% accurate.

2 million+ businesses

We help more than 2 million businesses each year get every credit and deduction they deserve.