Year-End Tax Filing Readiness

Tidy up your tax documents.

Get your documents, receipts, bank statements, investments, K-1s, and mortgage or lease expenses organized with our help. We can help you save time and ensure you get every available credit and deduction for just $50/hour.

  • Best for: Freelancers, contractors, or self-employed

What you can expect with our year-end tax filing help.

Our Year-End Filing Readiness service always includes:*

  • A complete log of all expenses

  • Organized tax documents by your tax pro

  • An Income Summary Report of categorized expenses

  • Recommendations on available credits and deductions

How it works.

Make an appointment to get your taxes done.

Schedule a time to meet in person, via phone, or chat and get matched with a local tax pro.

Meet and ask about our year-end service.

Bring your forms and documents with you and your tax pro will get you organized before tax prep.

Finalize your return with your tax pro.

Your tax pro will do your taxes and get you every available credit and deduction.

Year-round small business expertise

Small business certified

Our tax pros receive specialized training for business tax preparation.

Save up to 30% on services

You could save up to 30% when you work with us instead of a typical accountant or CPA.

100% accuracy guaranteed

Rest easy knowing your taxes, bookkeeping, and payroll will always be 100% accurate.

2 million+ businesses

We help more than 2 million businesses each year get every credit and deduction they deserve.