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Build Your Business

How is an LLC taxed and what are your options?

Manage Your Business

How to prepare your small business for disaster relief & recovery


"It's real now" – small business owner celebrates LLC formation milestone

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Build Your Business

How to start an S Corp in Texas

Your small business has choices on how its are taxed, depending on its business structure. If you’re a business owner…

Small Business Tax Prep

Deadlines for filing small business taxes in California

California dominates the top spot for the number of small businesses according to the US Small Business Administration, with 4.2…

Build Your Business

An entrepreneur’s guide: personal vs. business bank accounts for your small business

KEY TAKEAWAYS:  As a small business owner, getting paid is a gratifying experience. But where should that money go?   Many…

Block Advisors News Center

The Corporate Transparency Act: How it affects your small business

As a small business owner, you will likely be impacted by a new law called the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA)…

Manage Your Business

Calculating and understanding profit margin

Understanding how to calculate and analyze profit margin is a valuable skill as a small business owner. Your business’s profitability…

Build Your Business

What is a corporation? How they work and how to incorporate.

KEY TAKEAWAYS Starting a new small business as an entrepreneur is an exciting endeavor. But it also comes with many…

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Roger Heffner

Roger Heffner Realtor

April 2021

"Maria Nowicki understands my business and knows how get the maximum deductions, and how to prepare my returns correctly. Maria gives me good tips on mileage and parking fees, home office deductions, and donation allowances."

Srinivas Vunnava

Subha Ramanan Music School

April 2021

"My small business tax pro demonstrated great understanding of our business operation, relevant tax laws, and legit methods to maximize our return. Very professional, superb command on tax laws and relevant legal and accounting knowledge, personalized attention to our needs."

Cheryl M. Francis

Blueprint for Transformation

April 2021

"John Conkey exceeded my expectations in that he asks questions about my business based on current tax provisions to position me favorably for all eligible deductions."

Leah Hayes

Leah's Hair Studio

April 2021

"I am a new business owner and this was the first time I did my taxes as such. My tax professional was very informative and positive and she really helps me out as far as giving me the understanding of how taxes for small businesses work and therefore I didn't feel so stressed."

W. Leighton Haynes

Elevation Brand Studio, LLC

April 2021

"My small business tax pro was professional and engaged and provided a plan for quarterly tax withholding."

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