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Advisor Match Let’s Make This Personal

Providing you with the best experience starts by providing you with the best tax advisor. Advisor Match assesses the factors that make your taxes unique – things like your work, your income, and your deductions. Based on the results, it then pairs you with tax advisors who have specialized expertise in your unique tax situation.

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You deserve
from your
tax preparer

Block Advisors gives you the
highest level
of tax preparation
service & expertise

We start by pairing
you with the tax advisor
that's right for you

  • We analyze your unique
    financial & filing situation
  • You’re matched with a tax
    advisor based on your needs
  • They’re with you year after year
    providing expert tax preparation

We create a plan
that’s personalized
for you & your life

  1. Your tax advisor guides you through the document collection process before your appointment
  2. With an average of 15 years’ experience, we work to get you every deduction & credit you deserve
  3. We offer tax planning advice with a customized 365 Tax Plan that includes recommendations to reduce your taxes and reach your financial goalsDisclaimer number1. Scroll to bottom of page.

You enjoy the
comforts of
& protection

  • Private offices provide discretion when discussing financial matters with your tax advisor
  • Our offices are open year-round and provide support if you receive letters from the IRS
  • If you are audited, we represent you in front of the IRS and will guide you through the process

Personalized tax
expertise, that’s
Block Advisors