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Managing a small business can feel like a test of endurance. But you’re not alone. We have a range of topics that can help, from how to manage employees to managing finances for a small business.

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Turning a hobby into a small business | Part 1 - The big leap

For Small Business Month, Jamil Khan, Chief Strategy and Small Business Officer at H&R Block, shares a five-part series that…

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How to prepare a small business for the tax impacts of large event

As Kansas City welcomes nearly 300,000 people for the 2023 NFL Draft, businesses are excitedly gearing up for guests. For…

Small Business Tax Prep

When are business taxes due?

While Tax Day is the only date some people may have on their calendar, there are actually many important business…

Small Business Tax Prep

Form 7004: Get more time to file your small business tax return with a tax extension

There may be a number of reasons you need to request a business tax extension with Form 7004. Whether you’re…

Manage Your Business

How to Prepare Your Small business for Disaster Relief & Recovery

When things are going well for your small business, it may be easy to put the thought of tough times…


"It's real now" – Small business owner celebrates LLC formation milestone

This Women’s History Month, Block Advisors reflects on and honors the contributions of Women entrepreneurs and small business owners. We…

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