Bookkeeping courses: Essentials small business owners should learn

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If you’re a small business owner, you’re the go-to person for so many things – marketing/advertising, sales, administration, staffing, management, operations, and finances.

And one of the most prudent tasks is managing your finances. Yet so many business owners don’t have experience with the basics of bookkeeping.

After you learn “what is bookkeeping?”, you’ll be surprised at all the various tasks associated with keeping tight books – as well as the importance of doing these tasks well. For one, it can help you better manage your expenses and income, making other financial to-dos easier (one example is creating a profit and loss statement).

With solid financial record keeping as your goal, you have a few options to better set up your business to track your transactions:

1 – Take bookkeeping courses:

There are multiple courses available online, at local libraries, community colleges, and even universities that offer bookkeeping classes. These bookkeeping courses will teach you the basics of small business financial record keeping so you can do these tasks on your own. Bookkeeping courses generally include elements, processes, and best practices involved in bookkeeping.

2 – Use software:

Bookkeeping software can help track the expenses coming in and out of your businesses. You can use tools like Wave, for instance, to manage and send invoices, store receipts, and pay employees. What’s more, if you use Wave and work with one of our tax pros, we can import your bookkeeping data to help make filing your business taxes easier.

3 – Get professional help:

You don’t have room for mistakes as a small business owner. Getting help from bookkeeping professionals allows you to get back to parts of your business you love, while also instilling the confidence that you’re accurately reporting the cashflow of your business.

With help of a Block Advisors small business tax pro, you can organize your books fast by connecting with our team of pros. You can expect a dedicated account manager to provide monthly touchpoints to produce accurate financial statements for your business.

You don’t need bookkeeping classes to keep clean books

Bookkeeping is the financial underpinning of a business. It helps you gauge the financial vitality of your business by tracking expenses and revenue. Beyond this, maintaining accurate books for your small business gives a running financial history of your business in case of an IRS audit. So, without question, it’s important to get it right.

Remember, you don’t have to be a bookkeeping expert – or take courses to be successful in this area… You can get help. Whether it’s using bookkeeping software or getting a dedicated pro, Block Advisors has your back. We’re available year-round to offer guidance, bookkeeping services, payroll, and taxes.

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