Why use a tax professional at Block Advisors

It’s no secret that you have options when it comes to your small business taxes. So, why use a tax professional?

You could opt for the do-it-yourself route if you have straightforward taxes. But, as a small business owner, your taxes can be more complex. Navigating small business tax forms, deductions, credits, as well as the daily money management tasks means your duties can stack up quickly.

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The question isn’t is worth it to use a tax professional, but who? After all, it’s your bottom line we’re talking about. You need someone who cares about your business as much as you do. 

That’s why you want a Block Advisors tax pro on your side. Our Block Advisors small business certified tax pros are the trusted resource for millions of small business owners nationwide. Bolstered by years of collective experience, our tax pros are here to support you in every step of your small business’ journey — so you can get back to what you love. If you’re weighing the decision of doing your taxes yourself vs. professional tax prep, let us guide you.

Here are a few advantages that come with working with a Block Advisors small business certified tax pro.

1 –Pros with 12 years of experience on average

Our Block Advisors small business certified tax pros have on average 12 years of tax experience,

With Block Advisors’ tax pros experience comes the knowledge to handle even the most complicated tax scenarios—helping protect you from costly tax return mistakes and late filing penalties.

Let’s face it – there are several ways to complete an accurate tax return. With Block Advisors, you can rest assured that you didn’t leave money on the table.

2 –Small business tax specialization dialed in to your needs

Small business tax and stimulus relief help from a Block Advisors tax pro.

While experience is our strong suit at Block Advisors – so is our track record. In fact, some of our tax pros are Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Enrolled Agents, or other tax specializations that serve the unique needs of small businesses across a number of industries.

Our tax pros also undergo yearly specialized training from Block Advisors to provide a better experience for self-employed and small business clients.

Our Block Advisors small business certified tax pros have attained an additional level of certification, demonstrating their commitment to helping small business owners succeed. The training includes Schedule C and multiple business structures – so they can help with your unique tax situation.

3 – Insights for your business beyond taxes

Our approach in working with clients is holistic. Not only can we help with your small business’ tax needs, we can also provide tools to help you better understand your financial position. For example, we’ll create a profit and loss statement to get concrete insight on your business’ performance and help you understand the tax implications of your business structure.  Couple that with our payroll and bookkeeping capabilities – and you’ve got a robust team to lean on for support.

4 – Access to top tax researchers and more

We’ve seen nearly every tax situation. And if we come across a tax situation that’s new to us, we lean on our broad network of small business tax pros across the country. And when the answer goes deep into tax law, we tap into our own internal tax powerhouse, The Tax Institute, a panel of top tax attorneys, CPAs, and other tax experts. Our pros have on-demand access to members of The Tax Institute, who help them analyze and address a range of tax law changes and complex tax issues.

Is it worth it to use a tax professional at Block Advisors?

It’s safe to say most small business owners like you are worn thin with so many things on their plates. So, answering “is it work it to use a tax professional?” is a no brainer. Yes, it’s worth it.

Yet, finding a quality tax pro is a decision you shouldn’t take lightly. Block Advisors small business certified tax pros offer you the confidence that you’re getting the most from your taxes all while allowing you focus on the business you love.

Find a Block Advisors tax professional who gets you and your business.

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“I would say that Block Advisors made the process so simple and stress-free.”

– RAChael, Independent contractor | April 2021


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