How bookkeeping help can make business filing and tax preparation easier

As your business grows, it inherently gets more complex – and so do your bookkeeping and tax responsibilities. This begs the question: what exactly goes into ensuring your small business stays compliant with the appropriate bookkeeping and tax tasks throughout the year?

Follow us as we outline the details and synergies of bookkeeping and tax services.

Bookkeeping and tax services: How they go hand in hand

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Do bookkeeping and taxes relate to one another? The short answer is “absolutely.” Below we’ll walk through what each is responsible for, but first, let’s outline where the overlap has its payoff:

  1. Uncovering potential deductions based on knowledge of all of your expenses.
  2. Making tax filing easier by carrying over bookkeeping financial records into the forms you’ll need at tax time.
  3. Receiving year-round support from your bookkeeping and tax team to keep you on track and up to date.

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To see up close how bookkeeping and tax duties come to life, read on. 

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What is a bookkeeper?

If you’re questioning, “What does a bookkeeper do for a small business?” We’ll detail the answer here. Bookkeeping entails detailed record-keeping of your small business transactions. It helps assess your business’ financial vitality by tracking expenses and revenue. So, “what services do bookkeepers provide? The answer is the following services:

  • Asset records
  • Bank transactions
  • Bills
  • Credit card purchases
  • Financial transaction reports
  • Payroll records
  • Purchase orders
  • Receipts
  • Sales invoices

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What do tax professionals do?

Like a bookkeeper, many tax pros perform tasks that involve financial records. But, as the name implies, they focus on taxes. If you’re questioning, “What are the main steps to take for small business taxes?” Responsibilities often include:

How can a bookkeeper assist in doing your taxes

The bullet points above give you an idea about the benefits of a bookkeeper. Your main takeaway is that when you’ve got the same team doing your books and preparing your taxes, they’ll have the full picture of your business’ financials.

Bookkeeping and taxes all in one

So, when asking, “Do bookkeepers do taxes?” The answer varies depending on the person or professional service you choose. While you may want to do it alone, reality may set in. Do you really have the time and desire to accurately complete your small business taxes and bookkeeping tasks? Consider if it is worth the hours of your day to take on these tasks instead of focusing on what you love about your business. 

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