Ways to File Taxes with Block Advisors

There have always been many ways to file with Block Advisors. Yet, in light of Coronavirus, we have modified the ways to file taxes to aid taxpayers like you to make sure you feel supported, yet safe. Learn about it in this post!

Ways to File Taxes… The Method That Works for You

Restrictions and contact preferences vary from region and person-to-person. This is why we have options on ways to file your taxes this year. With years of collective experience, you can trust our experienced tax advisors — whether you meet us at the office or file comfortably from home.

Drop off:

Drop off your taxes at a Block Advisors office location. Here are the steps to do this:

1 – Prepare your tax documents

Get all of your tax documents ready. Download the Drop-off form to get a head start. Fill it out and bring it with you for fast service or complete them at a Block Advisors office.

2 – Drop your tax documents off at an office

Find a Block Advisors location near you, and bring your documents to drop off at the front desk. With or without an appointment, it only takes a few minutes to do the drop-off.

3 – Approve your return online or in office

You can view and approve your taxes online then we’ll file your return. Or stop by your home Block Advisors location to review with a tax advisor who will answer any questions you might have before approving the return.

Visit an office location:

Depending on your local and state government restrictions, some Block Advisors locations are open, with enhanced safety measures. Work with an advisor from previous years, or find a location closest to you. Once you have secured a personalized tax advisor, they will set up a time with you to review tax documents, then file, in person. 

When you visit a Block Advisors office, you’ll work with your tax advisor and see step-by-step how you can get every tax deduction and credit you deserve. Our highly skilled advisors are dedicated to maximizing your tax outcome.

With hundreds of offices open year-round to serve you – there’s a Block Advisors near you ready to help you complete your tax return.

Please note: If you are considered a higher risk for COVID-19, we can meet with you outside regular office hours. Call to request an after-hours appointment.

Our Service Remains Unmatched

While the method we use to receive your tax information has grown this year, we remain committed to providing you the best possible tax experience at Block Advisors. Here are some of the things you can still expect, now more than ever:

1 – Advisor Match

Similar to previous years when you have to answer a few questions about your tax and financial situation, our Advisor Match provides you with a tax preparation expert with the right knowledge and experience for your individual scenario.

2 – Appointment Readiness Program

Our tax advisors will work together with you to make sure you have the proper tax documentation to make the most of your time with us. 

3 – 365 Tax Plan

Not only do we offer year-round tax consulting, but we also provide year-to-year tax return planning. Your tax advisor will personalize a 365 Tax Plan with recommendations to help you minimize your taxes and reach your financial goals.

Get help!

Need help navigating your taxes this year? Let us help you with any small business tax concern — from amended partnership tax returns to Schedule SE.

Rely on our team of small business certified tax pros to get your taxes right and keep your business on track. Or file self-employed taxes online from the comfort of your own home or business. Find us at blockadvisors.com.

Our small business tax professional certification is awarded by Block Advisors, a part of H&R Block, based upon successful completion of proprietary training. Our Block Advisors small business services are available at participating Block Advisors and H&R Block offices nationwide.


Find tax help in your area.