Ways to file small business taxes with Block Advisors

A small business owner’s life has unique rewards and challenges. Tax filing season falls in the second category for many entrepreneurs. But Block Advisors by H&R Block has made it our mission to make filing small business taxes as stress-free as possible. This is why we offer many ways to complete your small business tax prep. Keep reading to learn your different options when you are ready to do your small business taxes at Block Advisors.

Ways to file taxes: File with a small business-certified tax professional

Our human expertise and care are core values at Block Advisors. When you do your taxes with one of our small business-certified tax pros, they aim to help you get the best tax outcome for your small business. When they file a return on your behalf, you can be confident that you’re in good hands. Our 100% Accuracy Guarantee backs our services. Our tax pro appointments always include our signature personalized tax help, a business structure analysis, and a profit and loss statement.

File in person with a tax pro at your local office

A Block Advisors tax pro assisting a small business owner in ways to file small business taxes

If you prefer to be physically present during your tax prep, make an in-person appointment with a small business-certified tax pro at your local Block Advisors office. You have the option to work with an advisor from previous years or arrange a new appointment at the location closest to you. Once you have contacted your chosen Block Advisors tax pro, they will set up a time with you to review tax documents and then file in person. 

When you visit a Block Advisors office, you’ll work directly with your tax advisor. You can see step-by-step how we help you get every tax deduction and credit your small business deserves. Our highly skilled experts are dedicated to maximizing your tax outcome and will answer all your pressing small business questions.

There are thousands of Block Advisors small business-certified tax pros within offices across the country ready to help you complete your tax return. Simply gather your documents, make an appointment, and come to the office to file.

Get expert help for your small business taxes

Millions of small business owners trust Block Advisors

Drop off your small business taxes

Drive by and drop off your small business taxes at an office near you. We offer small business tax prep at offices nationwide. Here’s how to use our small business tax drop-off service:

1 – Prepare your small business tax documents

Get all of your tax documents ready. Download our streamlined drop-off form to get a head start. Fill it out and bring it or complete the form when you arrive at the office. (Read our article on what to bring to your tax appointment)

a client using small business tax drop off

2 – Hand off your small business taxes

Find one of our office locations near you. Simply bring your documents to the front desk and drop them off. You can also upload them online. It only takes a few minutes to complete the drop-off with or without an appointment, in person, or online. You’ll be back to business in no time, confident that a Block Advisors small business expert will find every credit and deduction you qualify for, guaranteed.

3 – Approve your return remotely online or in person

Once your tax pro has finished preparing your small business taxes, your next step is to review and approve them. Do this from the comfort of your small business or home office online, or stop by your local office to walk through the return with a small business-certified tax pro. You’ll have a chance to ask questions before you approve your return. After getting your signoff, we’ll handle filing your small business tax return on your behalf. You’ll be surprised how quickly you return to doing what you love.

File small business taxes with a tax pro remotely

a client using remote small business tax prep

We understand that visiting an office can be tricky as you juggle the responsibilities and time commitments of being a small business owner. If you want access to our tax expertise and human touch from the comfort of your home or office, you have the option to meet with a tax pro remotely. The process is similar to our other methods of filing with tax pro assistance.

First, gather your small business tax documents, identification, and materials. Then, create a MyBlock account and upload your information online. You can do this from either a computer or through the H&R Block mobile app. We’ll ask a series of questions to get to know you better so we can maximize your small business tax position. Next, we’ll connect you with one of our small business tax professionals who will review and file your taxes. Finally, you’ll have the chance to walk through your tax prep with your tax pro on chat, video, or phone.

Ways to file taxes: File small business taxes on your own online

File small business taxes online with AI Tax Assist

Is your calendar too full to make it to one of our tax offices? No problem! You can file your small business taxes online on your own schedule anytime you’d like. Plus, with AI Tax Assist, you can put technology to work, powered by our decades of tax expertise, and get real-time assistance at any step of your tax prep. ALL self-serve online tax filing options include our groundbreaking AI Tax Assist feature and are backed by our Block Advisors Guarantees. Keep reading to learn which do-it-yourself tax filing solution fits your small business needs.

Deluxe Small Business Tax Prep

filing small business taxes from home

This is one option for filers with multiple income streams. If you’re juggling several side hustles or have multiple sources of revenue, this might be the right choice for you. You’ll be able to deduct real estate taxes and mortgage interest, organize your contract, freelance and self-employed income, and get help from a live expert.

Premium Small Business Tax Prep

Our premium online DIY tax prep offers everything included at the Deluxe level, plus a few more key additions. You can import investment income from partner institutions, receive guidance on the best way to report your investments and rental properties, and get support on navigating the tax complexities of cryptocurrency transactions.

Self-Employed Small Business Tax Prep

Choose this package to receive the most comprehensive small business support. It includes everything offered in our Deluxe and Premium service levels but weaves in a couple of extra features. With this online tax prep software, you can report business deductions and asset depreciation, claim qualifying small business expenses, and report simple income.

Small Business DIY Tax Filing Made Easy

Get every available business credit and deduction when you file online

Our Service Remains Unmatched

There have never been more options for your small business tax prep, and we remain committed to providing you with the best possible tax experience at Block Advisors. Here are a few additional services you have access to as a Block Advisors client:

1 – Advisor Match

Finding the right match is important in life and in tax season. Our matching system helps us understand your tax and financial situation. If you decide to use our tax pro services, we’ll pair you with a small business-certified tax preparation expert with industry expertise and experience to maximize your small business tax outcome. Our goal is that you leave feeling confident and supported year-round.

Find a tax pro in your area.

2 – Year-End Tax Filing Readiness Service

Our year-end tax filing readiness service allows you to send your records to your tax pro at the end of the year to sort through and prepare for tax time. Get your documents, receipts, bank statements, investments, K-1s, and mortgage or lease expenses organized with our help. We can help you save time and ensure you get every available credit and deduction at an affordable price.

Learn more about the Block Advisors Year-End Tax Filing Readiness Service.

3 – Year-Round Tax Planning Service

Get expert help with your business tax strategy all year. Our small business-certified tax pros work with you to calibrate your annual income tax plan, verify your quarterly payment amounts, and get you the best possible outcome. This service empowers you to keep your small business on track all year with three one-on-one sessions with a tax pro outside of tax season.

Learn more about our Year-Round Tax Planning Service.

4 – Small Business IRS Audit Support

Small business audits can be a big headache. If you receive word that you’re being audited, you don’t have to face the IRS alone. Having a Block Advisors expert on your side can provide peace of mind and help you navigate your next steps. Count on our tax pros to review, research, and respond to any IRS letter or notice on behalf of your business in case of an audit.

Learn more about Small Business Tax Audit Support.

Get small business tax help when and where you need it

No two small businesses are identical, and neither are their tax prep needs. Block Advisors by H&R Block offers several ways to file your taxes each year. Whether you want to sit down with a Block Advisors Small Business Certified Tax Pro in person or tackle your small business taxes online, we have a tax prep experience to fit your unique needs.

If you need help navigating your taxes this year, you can rely on our team of small business-certified tax pros to get your taxes right and keep your business on track. Or, if you prefer to do it yourself, you can file self-employed taxes online from the comfort of your home or business.

At Block Advisors, we help you do business better. Check out our other services designed to support you on your small business journey. Leverage our expertise and human touch year-round as you grow your company. Learn more about our Bookkeeping, Payroll, Business Formation, and Beneficial Owner Reporting services.

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