How to choose a payroll provider for your small business

As you start, manage, or grow your company – you might have one consistent need – payroll. When you get to the point that you know you need help, you may be wondering how to choose a payroll provider for your small business.

Payroll is an integral part of a business. It’s important to understand and properly handle payroll because it deals with the essential tasks of paying employees with convenience and speed, providing payroll-related documents, and even taking out payroll tax to pay for important social services.

In this post, we’ll walk through criteria to consider when choosing a payroll provider and including a couple of questions you may ask payroll providers.

How to choose a payroll service for your small business

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Ultimately, you’ll want to evaluate potential payroll service providers using a few key criteria. You need someone who can help you stay compliant on payroll taxes and get your employees paid on time. While many providers can offer your small business this type of assistance, not all payroll services are of the same caliber.

Here are a few key attributes to consider when trying to choose a payroll service.

1 – A service that saves you time so you can focus on what you love

Are numbers not your thing? That’s ok. They are for our payroll professionals. Focus on growing your business and we’ll handle the work of ensuring your payroll runs on time. This is important for compliance reasons – and the fact that your employees can count on their paychecks being there on time!

2 – A person you can turn to at any time

Payroll is not a one and done task. One question to ask payroll providers is if they are available throughout the year. Payroll questions come around more than just at tax time, so your provider should be available year-round to help you with any payroll questions or concerns.

Whether it’s consulting on payroll-related issues, handling payroll notices and correspondence, or onboarding and offboarding employees, Block Advisors can help.

3 – Service levels to fit your needs

Another question to ask payroll providers is if you have to purchase all of their services as a bundle. That scenario might not work for everyone as some small business owners just need support here and there – for example, with help preparing payroll tax returns or reports. While others need someone to dig in and calculate wages and withholding, pay their employees and take care of all of the additional tax forms, filing, and reporting.

At Block Advisors, we can take payroll tasks small and large off your plate so you can focus on your business. Or if you choose to manage some of your payroll tasks with the Wave app, your Block Advisors tax pro can pull all the data needed to get your taxes done.

4 – Transparent pricing

At Block Advisors, we are transparent when it comes to pricing. In fact, we’ll provide you a list of our prices up front when you visit one of our offices.

Payroll solutions for your small business

As your small business partner, Block Advisors has the payroll solutions for small business to support your need to stay compliant and get your employees paid on time.

Whether we take all your payroll duties off your plate or just a few, you’ll get the support you need for your small business and save time.

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